Dragon Problems, page 9
Posted September 24th, 2016
Always be prepared.
@ActionMartini I'm a giant dinosaur and I approve of this message. [In reply to...]Sep 30, 9:10AM
Streaming: Sketching Dragon Problems, page 10 -- stream.virmir.comSep 29, 8:15PM
@Neybulot The character would be the vehicle, so looking more like $62. You can email me with a description for a more accurate quote. [In reply to...]Sep 27, 9:07AM
@Neybulot Prices are here! art.by.virmir.com/commissions.php Would be a vehicle, plus background if desired. [In reply to...]Sep 27, 12:45AM
Side Effects: art.by.virmir.com/art/side_effec... #art #cartoons #drawings – Sep 27, 12:29AM
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